Student Scholarship Program

Some Student Scholarship Program recipients with their teachers


Educational Statistics in Timor-Leste:

• Literacy levels are rated at 43%
• One in four Timorese children do not attend primary school.
• Secondary Colleges are gradually being established.
• Many of the 7,825 teachers currently employed, including the volunteer teachers, have had only minimal training and most have no formal teaching qualifications.
• 60% of the population of Timor-Leste is under 18 years.
• 45% of young urban men are unemployed.
• Conditions of the schools vary with most having poor quality buildings and very limited educational resources.

These shocking statistics are one of the many the reasons why the Geelong-Viqueque Friendship Schools is working hard to assist with the improvement of educational standards in Viqueque, Timor-Leste. Among other ongoing projects and programs, the GVFS is proud to have established the Student Scholarship Program. It is thanks to the GVFS community’s generous contributions that this program is made possible. The Student Scholarship Program recipients in Viqueque, are given a life changing opportunity to pursue their educational studies. The Student Scholarship Program recipients are nominated by their school for their aptitude and dedication to their education. These students are also in serious need of financial aid. Without financial support, these students would not be able to continue with their studies. The Student Scholarship Program recipients are sponsored by a Geelong community single donor or donor group for a minimum of three years. This enables scholarship recipients to complete their educational certificate. So far, many Timoreese students have participated in the Student Scholarship Program. The GVFS are looking forward to being able to increase their sponsorship capacity in the months and years ahead. Thanks to all donors for their support.

Student Scholarship Program Interviews

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