Fostering Tetun Literacy in Schools

GVFS was again delighted to have financially supported the excellent teacher training programs conducted by Mary MacKillop Today. Its Literacy Team continued its training in Viqueque with a five-day program for 45 primary teachers from remote schools. The objective of the training was to understand the new curriculum developed by the Ministry of Education with a... Continue Reading →

With little steps big journeys start

During 2017-2018, Geelong Viqueque Friendship Schools Inc supported Mary MacKillop International’s one-year training program. This funding allowed 5 teachers from Viqueque to participate. It allowed 150 children to receive quality education in the classroom and to assist  in creating a positive future for themselves and their community. This teacher training program is particularly vital in... Continue Reading →

Teacher Training Program at Loi-Huno

Peter Cannon recently received a cheque for $7,447 from the students at The Geelong College. Led by the Middle School SRC team they raised funds to support the schools in Viqueque, particularly their primary partner school Loi-Huno. The funds will be used for a teacher training program conducted at the school by qualified Timorese teachers... Continue Reading →

Geelong College Donation for Loi-Huno

Students from The Geelong College have made a generous donation of $7,447 towards support of schools in Viqueque, particularly their primary partner school at Loi-Huno. Loi-Huno PS is about twenty kilometres north of the Viqueque town on the road to Bacau. The funds will be used for a five-week intensive teacher training program conducted at... Continue Reading →

Return to East Timor

On the 12th May 2006 my wife Yvonne and I strolled along the unkempt esplanade of Dili’s beach front before walking through the streets of the town centre. Some of the buildings were still smoke stained and burned out shells, the legacy of the departure of Indonesia’s military five years earlier. The streets were littered... Continue Reading →

Keep the wheel turning

Veronica Gregoric and Noel Fanning have produced a short and evocative DVD Keep the Wheel Turning on Geelong’s small effort to support education in Viqueque. Much of the footage comes from Noel’s visit to East Timor in May 2011 when he joined a group of teachers and principals drawn from the Geelong-Viqueque Friendship Schools members.... Continue Reading →

Fostering Good Teaching in Timor Leste

A 21 day Professional Development Program was held in Geelong for four principals and three teachers from Viqueque partner schools. The program focused on how schools are managed, good teaching practices and English as a Second Language. The program was funded by the East Timor Ministry of Education ($30,000) and the generous support of Geelong... Continue Reading →

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