Our Contact in Viqueque

Mariano Da Silva is the Geelong-Viqueque Friendship Schools Project Officer, a role he has undertaken since 2013. Mariano is also teacher at 01 Viqueque School where he teaches Tetun. In 2011 Mariano was part of a team of Viqueque principals and teachers that came to Geelong as part of a professional development program developed by... Continue Reading →

Opening a new page in Viqueque

Mariano Da Silva reports that work on the new library that we are funding is proceeding and he has sent some photographs of the teachers working in the space. A more detailed report is expected soon.

Libraries for Timor Leste

New libraries have now been established in St Teresinha, 01 Viqueque and 4 Septembro secondary schools. $5000 was given for the refurbishment of the library at 01 Viqueque with Mariano overseeing the project and acting as librarian. He visited Geelong as part of the principal and teacher professional development program. Virgilio who also was a... Continue Reading →

Library now in service

Mariano DaSilva, the librarian at 01 Viqueque is very proud of his fully rehabilitated library developed at a cost of $5000. All books – English, Portuguese and Tetum - have been recorded on his laptop and now he will be able to keep a good track of them. He was very appreciative to receive help... Continue Reading →

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