Ekipa Tasi Mos Atauro Timor-Leste, Recycle Station

Another outstanding initiative of Barry Hinton and his team in Atauro Island. Article below.

Ekipa Tasi Mos Atauro, Timor-Leste, (Clean Ocean Team Atauro) is a community organization that aims to remove and record plastic pollution from the marine environment that surround the waters of Atauro and to assist the community in reducing their use of single-use plastics. The organization aims to collect the marine debris then recycle the plastics into usable items for the community. This page aims to aid in the funding of the recycling station. 

After a generous donation of land and resources from Barry’s Place Atauro, a premise to house the recycling station has been built. We now need to raise funds for the recycling units. The proposed funds raised will go towards machinery and parts costing approximately $34,000, training and education $11,000, freight $4000 and $1000 for locally sourced infrastructure and plumbing. 


Within the recycling station, the plastic waste will pass through a shredder, an extrusion machine, an injection machine and a compression machine. As well as sorting and washing stations. The purpose of the four machines, when used in a single work flow, is to create up-cycled functional plastic products.

The island of Atauro sits within the world renowned coral triangle, having the most bio-diverse reef fish species in the world. The effects of marine debris from plastic pollution are well known. Our aim is to remove this plastic pollution from the local waters whilst also providing an income for the local community through the production of usable items. 


Please go to https://www.gofundme.com/zyj3j4-ekipa-tasi-mos-atauro-recycling-station for further information.

Ekipa Tasi Mos Atauro Facbook page: https://www.facebook.com/EkipaTasiMosAtauro/

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