Dehan Lae ba Kopu Plastiku nebe mak uja dala ida! Say No to Single Use Plastic Cups!

Many of our partner schools will be familiar with the wonderful environmental/eco tourism programs of Barry Hinton from Barry’s Place Atauro Island. Barry’s sons Micky and Mardy have now taken the next step to eliminate single use plastic cups littering the Atauro Island. Below is their Change.Org article .

Micky and Mardy Hinton, Youth Ambassadors of Ekipa Tasi Mos Atauro started this petition to Timorese Public

“According to the Constitution of the Republic of Timor-Leste, everyone has the right to a healthy, ecologically balanced human life environment and the duty to protect and improve it for the benefit of future generations.”

Tuir Konstitusaun Republika De Timor Leste katak, ema hotu-hotu iha direitu atu hetan saudavel, ekologia ekilibradu ambiente moris no iha obrigasaun atu proteje no hadia ba benefisiu Jerasaun. 

On the island of Atauro, located 36 km north of Dili, the trade winds bring marine debris onto the shores of the island each year. In May 2016 Ekipa Tasi Mos Atauro started running regular beach clean-ups and recording all of their findings onto the Australian Marine Debris Initiatives database (AMDI). These Marine Debris recordings show a steady increase in single use plastic cups, with the variety of brands and contents increasing also. Not only are we finding cups containing water, but also jelly, tea, juice and iced confection (icy poles). Between the 7th and the 14th of June 2019, Ekipa Tasi Mos volunteers collected 3469 single use plastic cups, from approximately 300 metres of beach at Beloi Village. 

Iha illa Atauro nebe lokaliza km 36 husi parte norte Dili, anin boot komersiu lori foer/debris tasi nian ba iha tasi ninin tinan-tinan. Iha fulan Maiu 2016, Ekipa Tasi Mos Atauro komesa hahu hamos tasi ibun ho regular no rekorde buat hotu nebe mak hetan ba iha Australian Marine Debris Initiative database (AMDI). Foer husi tasi nebe mak rekorde ne hatudu katak kuantidade kopu plastiku nebe mak uja dala ida deit  aumenta bebeik, ho ninia merek oin-oin. Ami mos laos hetan deit kopu plastiku bee nian maibe iha mos jelly, sha, jus no es. Mais menus iha dia 7 no 14 Junho 2019, voluntariu Ekipa Tasi Mos halibur 3469 kopu plastiku nebe mak uja dala ida deit, iha metru 300 tasi ibun Beloi Atauro.   

The increasing abundance of single-use plastic cups in the waters of Atauro are a visual pollution, discouraging tourists from visiting the area, as well as a hazard to the marine environment. The plastic cups break up into smaller pieces in the ocean, that are mistaken for food by fish and other marine species. Therefore plastic enters the food chain, and impacts local villagers health.

Kopu plastiku nebe mak aumenta ba bebeik iha tasi Atauro sai henesan polusaun visual, hapara turista mai visita, nomos reprezenta perigu ba ambiente iha oseanu. Kopu Plastiku naksobu sae kikoan los iha tasi laran, depois ikan no, espesie seluk iha tasi laran han sala depois plastiku tama ba korente aihan no impaktu ba populasaun lokal ninia saude.

We must stop the importation and use of single-use plastic cups in Timor-Leste to protect the unique marine biodiversity of the waters surrounding Atauro. As Youth Ambassadors for Ekipa Tasi Mos Atauro, Micky and Mardy Hinton challenge everyone in Timor-Leste to say no to single use plastic cups.

Ita tenke hapara importa no uja kopu plastiku nebe mak uja dala ida deit iha Timor Leste atu bele proteje biodeversidade tasi iha Illa Atauro tomak. Nudar Ambasador ba  Ekipa Tasi Mos Atauro, Micky no Mardy Hinton  dezafiu (challenge) ema hotu iha Timor Laran atu Dehan Lae ba Kopu Plastiku nebe mak uja dala ida deit.

Please go to Micky and Mardy Hinton’s page to continue reading and show your support.

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