Investing in East Timor’s youth is an investment in the Future

Timorese parents value education. The students, both boys and girls, are very keen to attend  primary and secondary school. The government has invested in the regions schools by building and equipping many primary and secondary schools. They have also employed teachers for these schools. However, a high proportion of the teachers have minimum or no teacher training and school resources are still very limited.

Over many years Geelong Viqueque Friendship Schools (GVFS) has worked hard to remedy these problems. Here’s a snapshot of our recent investments in Viqueque:

  • In 2013 GVFS commenced its partnership with Mary MacKillop Today (MMT). Since then 290 teachers have been involved in the program with GVFS contributing $62,000 towards it.
  • In 2015, MMT made a decision to focus its outreach program specifically on the District of Viqueque because of its remoteness and the successful partnership that has been established with GVFS.
  • In 2018-19 GVFS and MMT are continuing their work in the district of Viqueque to train a new group of teachers in how to effectively deliver quality education in the classroom.

This year the focus will be on two remote Viqueque sub districts Uatulari & Uatucarbau. Geelong Viqueque Friendship Schools will cover the expenses for 7 of the 40 teachers will taking part in a year long program.

Each teacher will receive three training workshops, class sets of Tetum Literacy resources, and on-going mentoring by trained field-based officers who are embedded in the community. This will ensure that over 1,400 children from Viqueque district will receive a better quality of education in the classroom.

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