2018 Scholarships

2018 Scholarship Holders

Two separate ceremonies were held this year, one in Dili and the other in Viquque. In the Capital, presentations were made at the Esplanda Hotel. The seven students are studying at university in such studies as education, information technology and medicine. Mariano DaSilva, GVFS Project Manager had travelled the nine-hour bus trip from Viqueque to attend. One of the parents gave a very simple but moving thanks on behalf of the students and their families. The following Saturday Mariano organized the presentation in Viqueque where the students were present and Emidio Amaral Director of Education Viqueque District was the special guest. GVFS is delighted to continue with its scholarship program giving substantial assistance for students to continue at secondary school or take the big step and enter the tertiary sector. All students are to be congratulated in the challenges they accept in wanting to learn, preparing for life in the workforce and contributing to the nation of which they are so proud.

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