Student Day Success!

On Monday 7th August 40 primary students from 6 Geelong schools attended a student day about Timor Leste, in particular our region of Viqueque.

This day was hosted by Christ the King School in Newcomb. The workshops were run by senior students from Christian College and St Ignatius College, who have visited Viqueque this year.

Many students learnt a Timorese song accompanied by the guitar. They did not imagine they could sing a song in another language in half an hour!!

“The Boy and the Crocodile” story was also very popular. The students could see the shape of the country really did resemble the shape of a crocodile. The crocodile finger puppets were a big hit.

The students were also very interested in the experiences of the senior students who have recently visited the country. They were amazed at some of the living and school conditions in Viqueque and the differences to our lifestyles.

Some students were able to write a postcard to a student in Viqueque. They told of their school and family Students were also able to make a collage of pictures from Christian College calendars depicting the life and people in Viqueque.

Overall, it was a very interesting day for the Primary students who mixed well with their fellow students from schools with an interest in supporting the less fortunate students in our sister schools of Viqueque. We need to keep the interest of these young people as they progress to secondary schools.

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