Improving Maternal Health in Timor Leste

Clonard College hosted their very first night market on the 17th of April 2015. It was an amazing turn out and a new tradition Clonard will uphold for the oncoming years. It was an opportunity for Clonard girls and families to show off their arts and crafts skills to our Clonard community. Stalls such as second hand clothing, jewellery, plants and busking where just a number of things offered at the night market.

Not only was it to show of the students, it was also to create awareness for the East Timorese maternal and child health section of the Alola foundation. Through my eye opening and life changing trip to East Timor last year with Clonard we were fortunate enough to visit the Alola foundation. A lady that worked with the Alola Foundation gave us an insight on how high maternal and child mortality rates where, throughout East Timor.

Knowing that we could make a difference by donating $25 dollars, which then goes towards maternal packs for the mothers and the newborn babies, which can then reduce the mortality rates almost made our jaws drop. It’s amazing that such a small amount of money for Australians can save both mothers and babies lives in East Timor.

Despite East Timor having so little the Timorese are very generous, friendly and appreciative. They are determined to work for a brighter future and to educate others which is exactly what the Alola Foundation are doing. I’m proud to say that Clonard raised over $1000 dollars and the students going on the East Timor trip this year will be giving all of the raised money straight into the hands of the Alola Foundation, which will then be given to the deserving mothers of Timor.

The Timorese are very grateful for the donations that are given to them, but they are more appreciative of us supporting them and building strong connections with them knowing we will always be a helping hand, which is something Clonard College proudly does.

Caitlin Bury, C0-Captain Clonard College Year 12

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