Geelong’s Timor Leste Student Day

Action Against Global Poverty Speaker
Action Against Global Poverty Speaker

Geelong Viqueque Friendship Schools is holding its fifth annual A Day in Viqueque, Timor Leste which comprises workshops and activities on Thursday May 7 at St. Joseph’s College. The program will provide a rewarding and enriching experience for students across all year levels.

The activities  give those attending an improved perspective of what it would be like to stay over in Timor Leste, and especially in the District of Viqueque. The students select to participate in four activities, each with its own specific focus, in addition to their participation in the opening and closing sessions.

The students should come away from the day with an improved understanding of village life and the customs and culture of the people of Timor Leste. Speakers for The Global Poverty Project focus attention on the reality of extreme poverty and demonstrate ways other young people are working towards putting an end to poverty around the world.


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