Raising a Nation by Xanana Gusmao

Four committee members from the Geelong Viqueque Friendship Schools attended the launch in Melbourne last Thursday of Xanana Gusmao’s book Raising a Nation.

xanana-gusmaoFor those attending, including Chris, Peter, Tricia and Brian, it was a privilege to be present. Xanana was introduced as an individual who is worthy to stand on the same platform as Nelson Mandela.  Xanana Gusmao was noted for his courage, persistence and vision as he lead the struggle to free his country from oppression and to bring about the creation of a democratic and independent Timor Leste.

Gusmao is now on a mission to add an extra millennium goal and that is, Peace. Without out peace a country just cannot develop. He has lead by example the manner in which he has brought about reconciliation with his former Indonesian oppressors. Although many wrongs were inflicted on the Timorese, Xanana Gusmao argued that to continuously harbour grievances will not result in the development of a long term, healthy climate within Timorese society.

Xanana is also on a mission to ensure that Timor Leste gets a just share of the oil that lies between our two countries. I hope that he is successful on both accounts.

Peter Cannon

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