Our Contact in Viqueque

Mariano Da Silva is the Geelong-Viqueque Friendship Schools Project Officer, a role he has undertaken since 2013. Mariano is also teacher at 01 Viqueque School where he teaches Tetun.

In 2011 Mariano was part of a team of Viqueque principals and teachers that came to Geelong as part of a professional development program developed by the GVFS and undertaken in collaboration with the Timor Leste Ministry of Education. He grasped the opportunity to develop his English language skills and was keen to implement new ideas on his return to Viqueque.

Mariano is 37 years old and was born in Ossu. He is married to Paulina and together they have three children. The family now lives in Beloi, a sub-district of Viqueque, in a house that Mariano built.

Mariano, Paulina and family
Mariano, Paulina and family

In 2012  Mariano volunteered to take on the role of Librarian and it is due to his dedication that the library is now working, providing class sets and reference books for staff and students as well as access to computers. GVFS provided the funds for the restoration of the library  and Mariano personally supervised this project and also worked on site.

In his role as Project Officer, Mariano supervises the Teacher Training
programs, the Scholarship program and is currently supporting the
development of the Library program. As our liaison person and he is our anchor for all visiting groups and frequently provides personal hospitality to Geelong friends.

We would not be able to deliver the level of support to the district of
Viqueque and Ossu without Mariano and his dedication is greatly appreciated by
the GVFS committee and our partner schools.

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