St Francis’ Orphanage in Viqueque

Orphanage Kitchen
Orphanage Kitchen
Many visitors to Viqueque stay at the accommodation provided by the sisters at St Francis Orphanage and Boarding School. The bedrooms are clean and the meals excellent meaning that it is a very pleasant place to stay. The orphanage has two kitchens and both are poorly ventilated, dark and in a very poor state. All cooking is done with burning wood.

The sisters are hoping to make a full refurbishment at a cost of $4,000. If you have stayed at St Francis or are intending to travel to Viqueque you will probably use it for your accommodation. The sister would appreciate any donation or contribution you can make to this worthy cause.

Direct Debit: Bendigo Bank BSB 633-000
Account 132923756 Reference: Kitchen or Cheque:
Geelong Viqueque Friendship Schools Inc Treasurer, Michael Wright 45 Itkeston St Herne Hill 3218

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