Beatriz’s War

Beatriz's War
Beatriz’s War
Julie Whelan, GVFS committee member and Deputy Principal at Clonard College organized the showing of the film Beatriz’s War in Geelong. There was a fantastic response to the screening with in excess of 160 people attending from all different sectors of the community. The film was attended and introduced by Luigi Acquisto who is co-director with a strong connection to Geelong where he grew up. Luigi was also happy to answer questions after the screening. The event raised approx. $2,000 dollars for the company.

The story starts in September 1975 with the wedding of Beatriz and Tomas in a small mountain village in the heart of Timor. Several months later, following the Indonesian invasion of Timor, Beatriz and Tomas, along with hundreds of others from the village, flee to the mountains. They are captured in 1979 and resettled in the village of Kraras. Karas is about a half hour’s drive from Viqueque and it is where Christian College built a primary school a few years back.

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