115 People Supporting Justice for East Timor

Rae Kingsbury and other guests
Rae Kingsbury and other guests

The 115 people attended our recent annual dinner.  The dinner at Dromoland House was most enjoyable – fine meal and venue, music by St Joseph’s College jazz band and an opportunity to celebrate our shared commitment for our neighbours. Rosemary Friend, Louise Madden and Chris Clark, all committee members, were the driving force behind the night.

Rae Kingsbury, Honorary Timor Leste Consul Victoria gave a very clear and precise assessment of the current situation in the country. She focused on the disputed international boundary between our country and Timor Leste. Everyone present were very moved by her address and there was overwhelming support for a petition to redress the current “agreement” between the two nations. If you would like to consider adding your support to this campaign go to: www.timorseajustice.com.

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