Getting Goods to Viqueque

Rotary: Donations in Kind {DIK}

DIK is a major recycling operation run by volunteers providing  suitable items for people in need and it is Rotary Australia’s largest ongoing project. So far this Century 281 containers have been shipped with a value of $24,000,000 overseas aid.

Transporting goods – new and used – to East Timor has been made possible through this  great  Rotary project  with GVFS covering the cost per space in the container.  Shipments occur about every two months, earlier in the year we shipped desks and chairs from PLC and sports equipment / stationery  collected by SJC  and St Ignatius College. The  May container included  second hand laptops courtesy of SJC and  11 boxes  of stationery which had been  stored for sometime in the Rotary warehouse looking for a good home.   When goods arrive in Dili via Singapore, Daryl Mills [ current LO volunteer] clears customs ,  at this stage we need to restrict what we ship due to the high cost of delivery to Viqueque. Currently,  Br Frank Hennessey is collecting and storing goods and they will  be  delivered to Viqueque during the June/July visit this year.=

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