Fostering Good Teaching in Timor Leste

A 21 day Professional Development Program was held in Geelong for four principals and three teachers from Viqueque partner schools. The program focused on how schools are managed, good teaching practices and English as a Second Language. The program was funded by the East Timor Ministry of Education ($30,000) and the generous support of Geelong schools and supporters. The main host for the event was Kardinia International College where the program ran for nine full days under the supervision of Geoff Woolard. Rob Blackley coordinated the four days at St Joseph’s College, with half days held at Torquay College, Sacred Heart College, Clonard College, Geelong College Prep and Christian College. A one day visit to the East Geelong campus of the Gordon Institute completed the program venues. Although the Viqueque principals and teachers at times were overwhelmed by the facilities and conditions of our schools they recognized that the basics for good education are universal. A number of organizational changes both in schools and in the classroom have been introduced into Viqueque schools as a consequence of the program.

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